Here are some questions we’re frequently asked about holding events at the Fuller House Inn.  Please contact us if you don’t see answers to your questions below.  We’re here to help!

Romantic Place to Get Married

Why is your custom fee structure so unusual?  Our custom fee structure is designed to save you money.  If you don’t need much space or time, you get a grand mansion experience for an amazing bargain.  If you want a more lavish, catered event, you can still save a bundle compared to similar venues.

Are your rates higher on weekends and holidays?  No, we charge the same, affordable rates throughout the year.

What if we go over the amount of time we booked?  No problem.  Simply pay for the additional time by the minute — instead of by the hour — on the day of your event.  If possible, please let us know in advance if you need extra time.  We may have another event scheduled at the Fuller House either before or after yours.

What kinds of things can we do in the garden?  Our formal garden is only suitable for non-recreational activities, such as wedding ceremonies and other non-destructive events.

What happens if we schedule an outdoor event in the garden, but it rains?  If the weather is rainy, windy, or unseasonably hot or cold on the day of your event, you simply relocate inside the house.  We will always provide you with a “Plan B” in case of inclement weather.

Why do you charge a guest fee of $5.00/person?  If you bring fewer guests, the per guest fee saves you money.  More guests create more wear-and-tear on our old, historic building.  The fee helps us preserve the Fuller House Inn.

Does the guest fee apply to babies and older folks?  Yes, the fee applies to people of all ages.

We’re unsure about our guest count.  If some extra people attend, may pay for them later?  Certainly.  You pay the base fee when you book, then pay for your additional guests the day of your event.

How many people can we have at our event?  The Fuller House is ideal for small, intimate gatherings of fewer than fifty people.

If we stay at the Fuller House Cottage, can we have people over to socialize?  No, unlike a vacation rental house, the Cottage is just for the lodgers who have paid for its use.  If you would like to hold a party or other social event, our regular hourly rates for the house and garden apply.

Do you provide tables and chairs for free?  Yes, we provide comfortable, off-white folding tables and chairs.  In addition, we offer an assortment of pedestals for displaying flower arrangements.  You or your caterer must arrange to bring or rent linens, plates, glasses and flatware.  If you only need folding chairs, we’ll have them in place for you.

Can we smoke there?  The Fuller House Inn is an historic building and a private residence.  No smoking is permitted on the main house, cottage or on the grounds.

May we cook and prepare food in your kitchen?  No.  However, our health permit allows your caterer to bring pre-cooked, prepared food into our kitchen for setting up and warming with their own equipment.

If we need to cancel or reschedule our event or stay, do we get a refund?  No, events and lodging booked at the Fuller House are non-refundable.  You may purchase special event or travel insurance online or through an agent to cover any unforeseen problems, which may cause you to cancel.